Waterview Lodge -  Birthday Party

Address: 250, West Union St - Ashland - MA

Every third Sunday of each month, from 2:00 to 4:00 pm.

 Volunteers Leader: Paloma, telephone (508) 933-3287

Waterview Lodge is an asylum that houses approximately 86 elderly people, however, only half participate in the celebrations for being in a better position to be taken to the place of the event. To enter the party atmosphere, the main hall is decorated with balloons and decorative strip in honor of the birthdays of the month. To the sound of the songs that marked their lives, along with the contagious joy of collaborators and volunteers, those elderly people enjoy a pleasant afternoon singing and dancing. In the final moments of the party, they are served cake, gelatin with fruits, ice cream and juice, which they love. It is moments of joy that we take to those souls lacking attention, love and affection and where we have the opportunity to learn more, exercising fraternity. Come and participate! They are very happy to know that they are not totally forgotten.


Get Involved! You will find out how much you still have to learn and how much you have to give!