Pathway Family Shelter

Pathway Family Shelter

Responsible for this Assistance Program:

Veronica, telephone (508) 282-6103

The Pathway Family Shelter is made up of 14 shelters intended for homeless families who are going through various needs. After the DTA's analysis of the reasons for their misfortune, the families are placed in a shelter that has availability for their host, staying there until they can redo and move to their own home. The Pathway accepts donations such as clothing (from the current season), furniture and household items, which must be clean and in good condition. Thus, we earnestly ask for your attention to carefully separate the items to be donated in respect of the situation of those who are already in probation, thus not increasing their suffering, and protecting their dignity as human beings. Other items needed are diapers sizes 3, 4 and 5, and hygiene supplies.

Beneficence, without exhibitionism, is a virtue that we must exercise, for it respects the feelings of the benefited person, so that, in accepting the benefit, his self-esteem is not attained. We encourage everyone to take the donations directly to the place so they can know the reality of those people. However, since the process of reallocating these families takes months, and also because of the limited space the institution has to store the material, we suggest that you call beforehand to confirm the need for the donation. If you have any difficulties or difficulties, please contact the person responsible for this Assistance Program.