Mill Pond Group Home

Birthday party at Mill Pond Group Home

Address: 84 Myrtle St - Ashland - MA

Every third Saturday of each month, from 3:30 to 6:30 pm.

Volunteers Leader: Renata, telephone (781) 330-6274

Mill Pond is a nursing home that houses a total of 26 residents, most of them independent in locomotion, all lacking in financial resources. In every visit we make, they always welcome us with much affection and joy. They love to talk about any subject and are happy to be the target of our attention.

Every month we try to make birthday parties with some theme, and decorate the main room with balloons and banners. Since the vast majority do not have any food restrictions, we always take cake, soft drinks, fruit, ice cream, cookies and chicken wings, to the delight of everyone. This is our visit. We spend moments of joy and relaxation, learning from each other's experiences, which enriches us as human beings


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