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Fraternal Service

The Fraternal Service at a Spiritist House is a serious work/approach, offered to people in need of help, who seek in the Spiritist Doctrine the

solution or relief for all kinds of problems. The Fraternal Service

plays the role of nurture, basic clarification, support, readjustment and redirection of ideas.

It is an activity that must be done with seriousness, discipline and

preparation from both workers, as well as from the people seeking treatment in a serious Spiritist Environment.

GETUH offers every Thursday at 7:15 pm, the opportunity for a

Fraternal Treatment screening for anyone seeking guidance and spiritual

Aid. The Fraternal Services begin with a prayer, followed by the

reading of a chapter of the Gospel According to Spiritism and soon after,

an analysis and conversation among the participants about the text read, in the light of Spiritism.

During this fraternal conversation, participants will undergo a screening and individual interview, where they will be evaluated for the need or not of a Fraternal Treatment. The interview is conducted privately, so that the interviewee can talk about the problem that afflicts them. Passing through the interview and confirming the need for treatment, the patient will be educated on how the treatment will be applied, and its own responsibilities to reach a positive outcome.

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