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 Allan Kardec

The Spirits' Book

With this work, the April 18, 1857, dawned to the world the Age of the Spirit. The Spirits Book is the code of a new phase of human evolution and on it stands a whole building: the Doctrine.

The Genesis

Scientific and philosophical character of work is divided into 2 parts: The first details the creation of both material and organic, and spiritual; the second part deals with Jesus, the miracles and predictions.


The Gospel According to Spiritism

This work is for the use of all. Anyone can draw from it the means to adapt their behavior to the morality of Christ. Spiritualists will find it applications concerning him most especially.



The Mediums' Book

Presented by Kardec as a continuation of

  The Spirits' Book. It is the second volume of Spiritualism coding and develops

practical part of the doctrine.


Heaven and Hell

"The penalties and pleasures according to Spiritism" .Presents the deepening of some Christian concepts, according to spiritist perspective: Life after death Heaven, Hell, Purgatory and Divine Justice.


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León Denis

Here And Hereafter

Translated by: George G. Fleurot
Spiritism illuminates the past,casting a bright stream of light upon the ancientspiritualistic doctrines, and reconciling apparently contradictory systems.

Life and Destiny

The Mystery of Joan of Arc

Original title:  (French)
Translated by: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Published by: John Murray, Albermale Street, W - 1924 Electronic version prepared by: Spiritist Alliance for Books Size: 656 kb

Gabriel Delane

Evidence for a Future Life

Original title:  L'ame Est Immortelle (French) Translated by: H. A. Dallas
Published by: G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York. Philip Wellby, London. 1904
Electronic version prepared by: Spiritist Alliance for Books Size: 757 kb

José Herculano Pires

Obsession, Passes, Counseling

Original title:  Obsessão, O Passe, A  Doutrinação.
Translated by: Spiritist Alliance for Books - 2004
Originally Published by: Paideia Ltda.  
Electronic version prepared by: Spiritist Alliance for Books Size: 520 kb

Camille Flammarion


Death and Its Mistery

Francisco Cândido Xavier


The Astral Cit

Book Title:  Nosso Lar -The Astral City

Spirit Author: André Luiz 

Medium: Francisco Cândio Xavier   

First Published: 1944

The World of the Spirit

Francisco C. Xavier & Waldo VieiraPublished by: Philosophical Library – USA – 1998Electronic version prepared by: Spiritist Alliance for BooksLast update: February 2003

Christian Agenda

Original title: Agenda Cristã

Translated by: George C. Hart and Evelyn R. Morales Revised by: Janet Duncan

Published By: Allan Kardec Publishing Ltd. – 1966

Electronic version prepared by: Spiritist Alliance for Books Last update: February 2003


Our Daily Bread

Author(s):Francisco C. Xavier and Emmanuel (Spirit) Language:English Source:Translated material from the original edition Translation:Jussara Korngold Publisher  Federação Espírita Brasileira (FEB) / International Spiritist Council (ISC) Location:  Brasília – DF, Brazil


Life Tells us II (for Children)

Divaldo Pereira Franco


After the Storm

Richard Simonette


Who's Afraid of Death?